Tips & Techniques to re-cerity for AWS Solution Architect Professional Exam

AWS Certifications, AWS Solution Architect Professional
Check GitHUB URL for my detailed notes Focus on Keywords : There could be multiple correct options , but you need to figure out the "keyword" in question to see which one fits the scenario requirement. Keywords could be : least expensivecost-effectivenear real-timeleast performance impactreduce down-timeloosely coupledachieve resiliency, high availabilityreduce operational overhead KeyWords Examples: Technical Tips: Understand which service AWS recommends for what usecase, i.e. Kinesis Data streams can be used for log ingestion and analytics etc., To confuse; question might give you cloud watch logs + insights as option too. If log ingestion + real time analytics go for Kinesis brand of services.Learn to differentitate within Kinesis services i.e. If question speaks about real-time streaming, pickup Kinesis Data Streams. If you can tolerate delay of ~60 seconds, go for…
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